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Adams State is the right size – with a diverse, yet close-knit community. Professors who care – and a campus ready to help. Lots to do on a growing campus – clubs, athletics, adventure. Evergreen mountains, vast blue skies … room to grow, space to think.

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Adams State Alumnus Bussey will address fall graduates

“I believe the things that bring lasting success and effectiveness to any person or organization are not secrets at all, but rather things we have all heard from a young age..." Read More

Adams State's oldest building gets extreme makeover

Phase I of the building's remodeling project (south and central wings) is essentially complete, and work proceeds on the north wing. Read More

La Puente honors generosity of Dave & Virginia Svaldi

The event raised a record $76,000 in support of the homeless shelter's programs. Over the last seven years, the opening night benefit performances have raised more than $350,000 for La Puente. Read More

Adams State receives grant to improve STEM education in rural schools

The award will provide intensive, research-based professional development in math and science instruction for 173 current K-5 teachers in ten southern Colorado districts. Read More

Cloyde Snook Gallery will feature graduate art exhibit

The Adams State University Cloyde Snook Gallery will feature Annaliesa Connor-Meissner’s graduate art exhibit, Life’s Cycles, from December 1 through December 19. Read More

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